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July 25, 2015 / voiceoftheug

We need to update the list of 50 greatest players in NBA history

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In time for its 50th anniversary, the NBA put together a list with the 50 greatest players in league history. That was 19 years ago and obviously a lot has happened in the NBA ever since.

The league’s Top 50 list needs an update and we want you, HoopsHype readers, to vote on who should be removed from it and who should be added.

Below, you will see 15 names from the original list that perhaps should no longer be in it and another 15 that we think could be in the mix for Top 50 ever.

Who belongs and who doesn’t? Make your picks.

Dave Bing: An accident when he was a kid damaged his vision permanently, but he became one of the biggest stars of the NBA in the 70’s regardless. A high-scoring combo guard with excellent all-around skills, he averaged 20-plus points and 5-plus assists six times with the Pistons. Has been a very successful businessman and politician after retirement.

Kobe Bryant: Perhaps the best…

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