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January 19, 2015 / voiceoftheug

[Vlog]- Mone (@ImjustMone)- Mone’s Journey Episode 1

2015 has been a rough year, but I am so grateful to GOD for everything he has done & yet to do!

So one of the Artist who I have yet to work with, but in the process. I see her out all the time & she is such a beautiful young lady. Nothing, but smiles & extremely eager to listen & learn. She constantly is inquiring about music, industry & life & wanting to learn to better herself professional & personally! Most artist think they know it all, but not her, she is one of those people professional & personally that if you could give the world to you would!

Well about 2 weeks ago she called me & I knew she was working on her single & I’m expecting to hear she is ready to push the single, which she is, however she opened up to me & honestly I’m glad she felt comfortable enough to do so about her extremely difficult personal struggle that she is going through at the moment!

She has decided to share this with the world knowing how difficult & painful this could be she understands that there our other’s out here that may be enduring the same struggle & not know how to handle it or may feel as if they are alone in the struggle & she wants them to know you are not alone!

This is very sad & brought me to tears, but she is such an inspiration & very brave & strong young lady, so I had to share this with everyone!

Please Share & do what God places in your heart!

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